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Pyramid Staffing
211 West State St.
Suite 202
Media, PA 19063

Phone: 610-565-1819
Fax: 610-565-5105
E-mail: info@pyramidhires.com

The Delaware County Region is our Specialty
Member of ASA
The Pyramid Staffing Equation
Develop Profile of Position – We work closely with each hiring manager to make sure we have the exact requirements and specifications needed for each employee.

Locate – We use our vast network of resources and our extensive database to locate experienced candidates for your positions.

Screen – After locating what we think is a good candidate we review their resume to make sure they are a good fit technically followed by a thorough interview to make sure they have good communication skills and a professional demeanor.

Testing – After making it through the screening process each candidate will then be tested for the skills that are necessary for each specific job requirement.

Submission of Candidate – After passing the required testing the candidate’s resume, interview results and test scores are then sent to the hiring manager for his or her evaluation.

Phone Screen or Interview – If after reviewing the candidates resume, interview results and test scores the manager then has the option to conduct a phone screen or a formal interview to form his or her own opinion about the candidate.

Placement of Candidate – After phone screening or interviewing, the manager then approves the candidate and schedules a start date. BSS coordinates this start with the candidate and makes sure he or she has all of the necessary first day information.

Limited Risk – Pyramid Staffing will assume all the risk that is involved with each candidate during the contract period. We are responsible for paying each candidate’s hourly wages, Payroll Tax, Federal and State unemployment tax, social security, workers compensation insurance and other related expenses.

Ease Transition into Permanent Position – The candidate will have worked for the client for a three month period and will have a solid grasp of every day business operations and company policies. This will give you the ability to make an educated decision as to whether you would like to hire this candidate for a permanent position, have them extend their temp assignment or “audition” another candidate for the position.

Follow Up – Pyramid Staffing will follow up with each client on a periodic basis to ensure former contracted personnel is meeting companies expectations in their new permanent role.

We Save You Time and Money!
Our Pyramid Staffing Equation helps you save time, money, and energy.

  • No more hassle and cost of advertising for each position
  • No more wasted time sifting through piles of resumes – No more countless and often frustrating interviews
  • No more need to perform background and reference checks
  • No more new employee tax expenses, payroll expenses, workman’s comp, or unemployment claims
  • No more need to offer benefit packages

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